Modular System

Actonex has ability of 16 different I/O cards in each rack


Hot swap of cards and CPU’s


Monitoring of all plant in control room by HMI

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The system components

Faster, more powerful,
more efficient

ACTONEX defines a completely new
performance category. Its power is based on high-performance system components
and intelligent system architectures, including:

   High-performance RISK processors
for fast calculations

   Processing of all field signals
in the I/O modules, which means that analog values are processed at the same
time as digital values.

   Implementation of a system bus
with a 100 MBit/s transmission speed.

   All this produces impressive
performance specifications:

   Up to 896 I/Os per cabinet

   For example, the cycle time for
896 I/Os (half analog, half digital I/Os) is just 800 ms.