Monitoring Analogue Input Card – IA2001

A Safety related 4-20mA analog input with 16 inputs, each having two threshold settings. The following transducer types can be connected: Explosive Sensors, Toxicity Sensors, Oxygen Sensors, Temperature Sensors, General 4-20mA sensors. The channel is tested during operation every 30 seconds. The card is equipped with a 4-20mA Output that supplies the current value measured at the Input. The analog value can be transferred to a DCS using a RTU Modbus module.

Analogue Input Card – IA2001

Main Features

Supply voltage: 18-30Vdc

Normal Current: 80mA

Measuring Range 0-24mA

Alarm thresholds: 2 that can be programmed

Test of channels: performed every 30 seconds

Redundancy: No

Operating modes: configurable through software.

Short circuit status on the line: with current >23.5mA

Operating Temperature: -5 to +60 °C

Maximum humidity: 95% W/C