Monitoring Digital Input Card – ID1001

16 Inputs for conventional sensors for safety related functions. All channels can be reset singularly and are reset during operation every 30 seconds. This card is suitable to manage detection systems with conventional devices; it is suitable for use in systems with already existing detection lines, to command automatic extinguishing systems with double consent logics or intrinsic safety systems. Additionally, it is used to control all typical devices of extinguishing systems (pressure gauges, discharge keys, etc).

Monitoring Digital Input Card - ID1001-کارت ورودی دیجیتال

Main Features

Supply voltage: 18-30Vdc

Normal Current: 80mA

Possibility to activate alarm status verification

Double programmable alarm threshold for each line

Adaptable to various types and brands of detectors

Can monitor and control 16 monitored lines individually

Programmable safety or security operating mode

Line inclusion/exclusion through panel keyboard

Automatic testing of each line every thirty seconds

Internal logic management by micro-controller

Redundancy: No

Operating modes: configurable through software.

Short circuit status on the line: with current >23.5mA

Operating Temperature: -5 to +60 °C

Maximum humidity: 95% W/C