Monitoring Digital Output Card – OD3001

Card with 16 controlled Output channels of 500mA for the command of solenoids with safety related functions. It performs testing every 2 seconds on the channels cyclically, in case of discrepancy between the set signal and the read signal, the unit promptly warns about the failure condition. The Output is tested for the following: line opening, short circuit towards positive pole, short circuit towards negative pole, failure of piloting DMOS device, over-temperature of piloting DMOS device, power voltage outside the limits allowed. To increase output current, channels can be connected in parallel.

Digital Input Card – ID1001

Main Features

Supply voltage: 18-30Vdc

Normal Current: 95mA

Automatic protection of Outputs: YES

Maximum current of Outputs: 500mA

Controlled Output channels: 16 ch

Redundancy: No

Test of channels: performed every 2 seconds

Operating modes: configurable through software.

Operating Temperature: -5 to +60 °C

Maximum humidity: 95% W/C