Main Panel – ACT1000

F&G Control Panel – ACT1000

ACT1000 is a modular F&G Control Panel with High Ability in controlling Fire actions in Oil and Gas and many other industries.

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F&G Control Panel – ACT1000

ACTONEX is the designer and manufacturer of automated safety solutions. Everything we do, think, and create is designed to help you achieve safety. The result of this philosophy is: solutions that provide maximum safety and uninterrupted plant operations. (F&G Control Panel – ACT1000)

ACTONEX models are designed for medium to large applications. The modular unit to install up to eleven 19” 3-unit high anodized aluminum racks. The racks are installed a steel cabinet with revolving rack and acrylic glass door. The first rack includes the operator interface display, and also the keyboard additional racks are composed by one or two CPUs and 15 slots for installation of I/O cards.

The configuration is arranged by type and number according to the requirements of the system to be protected. Also each card in the rack is connected to field devices by prewired connectors connected to electromechanical terminal blocks.

Which Solutions of ACTONEX increase your efficiency through

  • Avoiding over- and under-dimensioning
  • Maximum plant uptime
  • Reduced investment and lifecycle costs
  • Future-proof, lifetime flexibility
  • Superior ease of use

Full integration with DCS & ESD operating and monitoring functions

The advantages of a ACTONEX solution, can be combined with all leading distributed control systems (DCS) & emergency shutdown (ESD) via industrial protocol.

Self- diagnostic

Automatically updated If the system diagnoses an internal fault, the module involved can be replaced quickly during operation. So only a few moves are required. If a processor module is swapped, the new module is automatically brought up to date with the currently operative modules. The parameter setting and the user program are imported from the functional processor module and then loaded. “Self- diagnostic” has other benefits for the user such as:

– Your inventory of spare parts will be smaller

– You do not have to search for correct software versions

– When replacing a processor module, you do not have to connect a computer.

Proof test

According to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, every safety system must be subjected to a proof test at regular intervals. A proof test is designed to reveal any faults, so the system can be restored and fulfil its intended function.

The proof test interval for ACTONEX semiconductor modules is 1 years. In the relay modules, the current and number of switching cycles are measured to test the status of the relay. This means that, depending on the load of the relay, the relay module can continue to be operated after the proof test and does not have to be replaced.

ACTONEX controller can be subjected to a proof test by testing the entire safety circuit. In practice, a shorter testing interval (6-12 months) is required for the field unit’s inputs and outputs than for the ACTONEX controller.

Transparent, fast diagnosis

Detailed information via LEDs tests its own functionality regularly, using self-diagnosis. This diagnostic information can be observed on the modules themselves via colored LEDs that show the full range of operating statuses. You can see at a glance whether redundant parts are available, whether the system bus is working properly, whether an internal fault has been recognized in the system and whether a fault exists in the field. Because more than 90 % of all faults originate on the field side, it is important to detect faults such as short circuits and wiring breakages quickly.

ACTONEX indicates the faulty channel, saving you the time it would take to find the fault. Internal diagnostic, the fully integrated engineering tool, can be used to obtain more detailed information via its online diagnostic features, which display operating statuses over time. You can connect a computer running software at any point in the network, further speeding up the search for faults.

The system components

Faster, more powerful, more efficient

ACTONEX defines a completely new performance category. Its power is based on high-performance system components and intelligent system architectures, including:

  • High-performance RISK processors for fast calculations
  • Processing of all field signals in the I/O modules, which means that analog values are processed at the same time as digital values.
  • Implementation of a system bus with a 100 MBit/s transmission speed.
  • All this produces impressive performance specifications
  • Up to 896 I/Os per cabinet
  • For example, the cycle time for 896 I/Os (half analog, half digital I/Os) is just 800 ms.

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