Modular System

Actonex has ability of 16 different I/O cards in each rack


Hot swap of cards and CPU’s


Monitoring of all plant in control room by HMI

User Friend

Programming And Configuring by user friend Actonex softwares

The system components

Faster, more powerful, more efficient ACTONEX defines a completely new performance category. Its power is based on high-performance system components and intelligent system architectures, including:

   High-performance RISK processors for fast calculations

   Processing of all field signals in the I/O modules, which means that analog values are processed at the same time as digital values.

   Implementation of a system bus with a 100 MBit/s transmission speed.

   All this produces impressive performance specifications:

   Up to 896 I/Os per cabinet

   For example, the cycle time for
896 I/Os (half analog, half digital I/Os) is just 800 ms.